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We want our customers to feel comfortable at work but also in their leisure time. At Magni, our philosophy is helping our customers live every moment of their life at greater heights.
Over the last few years, we have examined the requests of our customers. We have realized that working well also means dressing comfortably, without sacrificing style. Besides the machines, we therefore decided to offer garments improving the working experience.
Thus, we designed a line of technical clothing for those who work outdoors in difficult conditions. We searched for partners who could combine textile knowledge with production quality, who understand the workers’ needs and prioritize security and practicality.

The result is a collection ideal for the world of work but also suitable for leisure time. We created this collection with the same passion and know-how we devote to the production of our beautiful, performing and safe machines.
This collection includes professional, technical, practical , comfortable and high quality garments. It focuses on your well-being and accompanies you every day. This collection features the same attention to detail, strength and beauty of Magni machines.

For purchase orders and more information on the collections write to store@magnith.com

Premium collection

The 2019 Magni Premium Collection is a mini-collection composed of polos, sweatshirts, sleeveless jackets and coats. It caters in a particular way to men and women who carry out their work every day with pride and passion. Comfortable shapes, soft and comfortable fabrics, evoking tactile quality and outstanding dynamism. The colour palette is based on tones of grey, harmonising darker tones and lighter tones, reflecting the sophisticated mood of the entire Magni range of products. These creations are entirely made in Italy.

Easy wear collection

The Magni Easy Wear collection has been made with special attention to the details, featured in garments boasting a sporty, edgy flair in order to satisfy the needs of people who enjoy working in comfort, but always with an eye to style. Simple garments that feature excellent fit, embellished by embroidered Magni logos. The entire polo and sweatshirt collection is made from natural cotton yarns to ensure everyday looks with a sophisticated twist.

Work wear collection

The Work Wear collection is intended for all those people who, although working on assembly lines or in a workshop, don’t want to forego the unmistakable style and comfort that Magni clothing guarantees. The featured item is a pair of overalls that are perfect for people working closely with machinery, coming into contact with oil and lubrication additives. Embroidered both in front and in back, they offer the practicality of handy pockets and the confidence of staying clean at work. Each and every Magni garment is the fruit of scrupulous attention to details and a careful selection process in terms of both styling and materials.

Sporty Wear

This sports collection is dedicated to those who love freedom, the outdoors and feeling good.
Magni suits are made with absolute precision. We devote attention to every single detail because the finest experience of doing sport hides behind details.
Whatever your level of preparation, your riding style or your degree of professionalism, our STORE offers the right technical solution for you.
The hard part is just choosing which one!

Give away items

A practical section featuring office items and accessories that are also quite suitable for leisure occasions. Practical USB sticks, note pads, pens and umbrellas, all broadly flourishing the Magni brand. All of the items comply with the rigorous quality standards the company applies to all its fine products and practices. Smart and functional, these Magni items, gadgets and accessories are perfect for your everyday travels, wherever they may take you.

Mini me collection

A little collection of t-shirts for dressing the entire family in superheroes. Soft cotton and brilliant prints, for showing the whole world the amazing super powers of Magningam, the little robot that reaches impossible heights and loads.
Ideal for dressing both mom and dad, as well as all the kids, in a casual, sporty style. Always synonymous with quality and design, Magni has selected for its followers the most luxurious yarns and suppliers sensitive to the values of ethical manufacturing practices, in full respect for the environment.

Online exclusive promo

In this section you could find out all the promotions active on our Magni Store.
It is possible to shop at incredible reduced prices some of the garments of our Apparel Collection as well as few of the merchandising items.
The promotions change rapidly! Don’t give up and keep checking the promo page!

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