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High-Tech Socks Helsinki

High-Tech Socks Helsinki


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High-tech socks with anti-stress elastic band, calf in breathable knitted fabric and stabilising elastic band at the ankle and around the foot. A protective reinforcement is placed in front the foot, over the instep, in back over the Achilles tendon and on the side over the malleolus. This makes the socks extremely comfortable to wear. Made with a differentiated structure for right and left foot with aerated, breathable sole. This is also antibacterial, anti-odour and anti-static. The socks are coloured in contrasting anthracite grey / light grey; a small embroidery is at the top of the elastic band.
Fibre content: 66% Thermolite®, 17% micro polypropylene, 15% polyamide, 2% Lycra®


35/38, 39/42, 43/46

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